There is a solution to end bullying and racism in schools...

R. Michael @ Co. is offering a course to schools and teachers to help eliminate bullying and racism issues in their schools. The program is very effective with teachers and students alike. 

This program works. We have statistics backing up our claims available.

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Learn It, Earn It, Teach It, Use It, Respect!

We are giving away 100 copies of "Knoodlehead. A guide to important things all kids need to know!" This book is great reading and a world of knowledge for kids 9 to 12. If you would like a free copy, please go to the bottom of this page and send us a message at "Contact Us"


Respect Starts In The Home!

As children grow into young adults, chances are many will go on to college, some will go straight into the work force and will be entwined with others from all walks of life. Teaching your children to respect others at a young age will greatly increase their ability to get along with others and exceed in life! 

Knoodlehead, A guide to important things all kids need to know!

Knoodlehead, A guide to important things all kids need to know!

This is a MUST READ safety guide that every elementary and middle shool kid needs to read. Covering topics from abduction to fire safety, it could quite possibly save their life!

"Knoodlehead"  is now available in book stores nation wide, Amazon, Barnes & Nobles & Kindle.

 Published by; Austin - Macauley Publishers


Nate & the gang.

We live in a world that is not always fair to children. Most parents want the best for their children, so we bring you Nate Knoodle and his friends. They will help kids learn every day situations in a safe and educational way by using your noodle. Our Guide teaches kids to stay calm, cool and in control.

No one knows kids like Teachers!

Teacher 2 Teacher Website

Teachers, we want to hear from you!

Your input can make a huge difference in our writing of future books and booklets in the teaching series of "Knoodlehead". Teachers see first hand daily what kids are doing. We want your ideas on the safety, social and educational issues that you think kids should be reading nationwide. 


Help A Teacher...

What a great community of like minded people supporting teachers all over the country! Just click on their logo to go to their site!


Teachers, earn extra $$$ for your classroom supplies.

R. Michael Parker, Author of "Knoodlehead" is offering teachers $1.00 towards classroom supplies for every book order over 20 copies. Think about it, if you have 100 sudents, we will give you $100.00 to spend on supplies of your choice!

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FREE Info Cards!



We have created info cards for subjects like Respect for teachers, schools and students alike. The 9" x 12" cards are high gloss, packed full of information to help students to understand what respect is. 

We are offering them free (just pay for the Processing & Handling Fees!)

Order Yours Today!



These 9" x 12" High Gloss cards are top quality and 100% FREE! 

All we ask is you cover the minimal processing  & handling.

5 cards = $3.95

20 cards = $9.95

50 cards = $24.95

These Cards are perfect for the new 2019 School Year.

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