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Bullying is a serious problem in our schools today. There are a lot of speculations why a person is a bully, whether they may have been bullied, they may be very insecure, they feel the need to be tougher than people less aggressive... the sad truth is, trying to get bullies to stop being a bully is never that easy. In Sydney, Australia they school system found the best way to handle bullying was to teach students to come together as a whole to stand up against bullying.

Our Bullying Info Card is full of important material on dealing with bullying in our schools. We have researched this subject thoroughly to come up with the best overall solution to address "Bullying" in our schools!

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This info card teaches kids how to deal with bullying. 

When kids understand the best way to address this situation, they will feel more confidant as a whole student body and have less anxiety about going to school. After all, no one wants to be picked on, and no parent wants to see their child afraid to go to school!

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