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The sad true fact is 90 % of gun owners never had any form of safety training with a firearm, yet they often have loaded guns in their homes, vehicles & purses and within easy reach of toddlers and children that may not understand the dangers involved with a firearm. 

You would never throw the car keys to a child and tell them to take a drive! Most people know that as teens come to the age to learn to drive, they require safety training, lots of practice and to be able to pass a driving test with the state. 

Owning a gun is a huge responsibility. When a parent chooses to have a gun in the home, it is that parents obligation to educate ALL his family members the dynamics  and actions of that gun. Gun accidents happen every day in the USA, yet so many of these accidental shootings could be avoided. It is estimated that kids that are involved in an ongoing gun safety course is 85 % less likely to be involved in a  firearm mishap!

Gun safety is more than telling your child, "Don't Touch"! The lack of firearm knowledge is ignorance, and not giving your child proper education and training on firearms could cost them or an innocent bystander their life!

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Regardless of what you may feel about guns, understanding gun safety could save a child's life.  There is more to educating a child than just telling them "Don't Touch"! All children can benefit greatly by going to a gun range and hearing the sound of a gun firing and seeing the damage it could do to a melon being shot!

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