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Racism is a serious problem in our schools today. Kids often hear their parents or family members talk about racial issues from a young age 

and get a set idea of what their family may believe even if it may be wrong.

Everyone wants the best for their children regardless of the color of their skin or ethnicity.  Juan H. admitted he was extremely racist towards whites and blacks alike. He recalled growing up poor and being called names like "Stupid wetback, and Beaner" in elementary school. When his 4 year old daughter was diagnosed with cancer, his daughter ended up in St. Jude;s hospital. Over the next 6 months Juan  met parents that had children being treated for cancer from all different races... Black, Asian, White, Hispanic... you name it, they were there and they all shared the same pain and suffering regardless of the color of their skin.

It was in this sad moment of life that Juan realized that people are people and parents are parents. It turns out that while we may all have our own beliefs, we are all just human. we all live together in a community, we all face a lot of the same hurtful things everyone does... regardless of the color of our skin.

Is may not be an easy task but learning to respect others no matter what they may look like is beneficial for all.

We live in America, a huge melting pot of people from all over the world . Let's enjoy the diversity and Human together! 

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